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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
University of Chicago

(archived sites shown, not all links are active)


Academic section first designed in 1994 and updated in 1996, Redesigned in 1999 but not launched. This is a preview of my frames version of the site. The current site uses the new Univ. of Chicago template.

Clinical ("patient care") section designed in 1997 and launched in 1998. Designed to blend seamlessly with Univ. of Chicago hospital site, focus was placed on content and clean navigation. The current site uses the content and organization but has been placed into new Univ. of Chicago template.


Academic Year Abroad,
Bowling Green State University

Current site:

Wayback machine cache of site I designed:

Was responsible for all aspects of site design and navigation except for the use of the university template of the time (which has since changed). Site has since been redesigned and updated.

DigitalEve Chicago

Current site (cut substantially from original):

Wayback machine cache of full site:

Was responsible for final design and content management. Also worked on site strategy, naviagation, and information architecture.

Deborah Boardman

Was responsible for all aspects of site design as well as editing and optimizing images. There have been some additions and minor modifications since the original design (notably the content on the index page).

Site Management

Department of Human Genetics,
University of Chicago

No longer a live site. Wayback machine cache of site at:

Was responsible for site reconfiguration, additions and improved navigability, but not original site design. Site now uses Univ. of Chicago template.

The Kennedy Group

Was resposible for management, additions, and further development of online community initiatives

Other web based work


Virtual video-based exhibits
from Adler Planetarium &
Astronomy Museum

(Requires Quick Time 3 or above. The videos are tiny due to slow download speeds in 1999.)

Light! Spectra! Action!

Universe in Your Hands

Panoramic view of
new Sky Pavillion

Programming for Interactive Multimedia
class web site for course I taught at Columbia College Chicago

Was responsible for all areas of site I maintained, for the class I taught. Wrote explanations, examples, and example programs. Focus was on content, not design.

History of Film timeline

Class project, and an exercise in frame mania! Side by side comparison of studios, countries (France, USA, Russia, Germany), and film technology.

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